EcoVadis Silver rating for GLS

In 2018, GLS took part in the independent EcoVadis certification programme for the second time in a row, achieving a Silver rating. Compared with the previous year, the Group improved its performance in all four categories, thus moving up from Bronze to Silver. As a result, GLS was amongst the top 21 per cent in the logistics sector – and even amongst the top 18 per cent when it comes to environmental issues. In 2019, GLS is also taking part in the programme, again striving for a good rating.


EcoVadis evaluates a company’s sustainability management across the four themes of environment, social, ethics and sustainable procurement. The evaluation is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact. EcoVadis attaches equal importance to the strategy, actions and results of the management system across all four themes.


The analysis makes it easier for customers to assess sustainability activities – and allows GLS to validate and continuously improve them.


More about sustainability at GLS

The use of cargo bikes and other vehicles with electric drive is one of GLS' many sustainability activities.

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