Bringing along efficiency

Always a welcome sight: Swen Krüger, Director Corporate Field Operations, has a keen eye for improvements. He uses his experience and expert knowledge to optimise the GLS Group sites in Europe and the USA.

Mr Krüger, how would you describe the task of Field Operations?

We are a department that looks after all the day-to-day business processes. We optimise the procedures in our national subsidiaries, looking at route planning, sites, technical tools and human resources. In short, it’s all about achieving the maximum efficiency for the customer.

So, you are constantly travelling between the many national subsidiaries?

We are actually always on the move. We spend Monday to Friday at sites all over Europe and now also go to the USA. I had a lovely time in Avignon in France, for instance, because they have such good wine. (He laughs) I also really like San Francisco. The opportunity to get to know other cultures and characters is one of the major benefits of my work.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My typical working day starts at six in the morning at the sorting system of a depot. We start off by looking at the procedures there. By around nine, we have usually moved to a flip chart and start working on the processes. In the afternoon, we go back to the hall to implement changes. If parcels are handled during the night, we are of course also back there again in the evening. In order to complete these tasks at a wide range of locations, we need very competent, independent colleagues in our team – and we have them.

Are there any moments that have particularly stuck in your mind?

It is always great when there is a depot opening coming up, like after a relocation, for example. We work very closely with the staff on site in these situations. It is a really nice moment when the sorting system is switched on for the first time and all the colleagues are pleased.

How are you received in the countries when you are bringing with you new plans or requirements from the Group?

We feel very welcome wherever we go. After all, we work with everyone in the team to ensure that the processes run smoothly. Some of the more experienced colleagues are cautious at first but we show them that we know what we are talking about and that we are interested in finding solutions together. That always breaks the ice quickly.

Swen Krüger


Having previously completed a European diploma in Business Management, he started his career at GLS in 2000 as a Management Assistant in Germany. He went on to manage a depot and a distribution centre. He became District Manager East in 2004 and also took on the role of Managing Director of GLS Ireland in 2007. For three years, Swen Krüger has been Director Corporate Field Operations at GLS.

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