GLS Spain: new hubs, expanded locations

E-commerce in Spain continues to grow strongly. To actively accompany this trend and meet customers' increasing demands, GLS Spain expanded its distribution network considerably in 2018. In Madrid, GLS Spain relocated its hub in San Fernando de Henares, quadrupling its capacity at this strategically important site.

In the summer, new technology had already been installed at the two distribution centres in Coslada near Madrid. Now 50,000 shipments per hour can be processed at the three sites serving the capital region.


GLS Spain has also modernised and expanded its depots in Malaga, Alicante and Girona. In the last quarter of 2018, two new national hubs in Viladecans and Sant Quirze del Vallès were connected to the GLS network to support the agencies in Barcelona. More than 30 hubs and depots and over 460 agencies are now in operation. The optimal connection to the GLS Group's European network facilitates access to international markets.


GLS Spain’s new hub in San Fernando near Madrid has a transhipment area of 11,200 square metres and allows processing 17,000 parcels per hour. A total of 111 bays facilitate loading and unloading of delivery vehicles and long-haul trucks. Security cameras record each shipment during its way through the hub.


The planning of the distribution centre also included environmental aspects. LED lighting and a heating system that uses heat pumps reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact. Electric vehicle charging stations pave the way for emission-free parcel delivery in Madrid in the future.

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