Spain: new hubs near Barcelona and Valencia

To prepare for further growth in parcel volumes, GLS Spain has opened two new hubs. In March 2020, an international transhipment centre near Barcelona went into operation, doubling the GLS’ capacity in the province. Already in November 2019, a national hub near Valencia started operating – with a 70 percent increase in maximum capacity.


Santa Perpètua de Mogoda near Barcelona


In the new building, GLS Spain has bundled the functions of an international and regional hub with an adjacent depot. On a transhipment area of around 9,000 square metres, up to 8,000 parcels per hour can be processed.


Ribarroja near Valencia


Here, GLS Spain combined a depot and the GLS hub for the Levant region in one building. A modern automated sorting system allows handling up to 4,000 parcels per hour – on a transhipment area of more than 5,700 square meters.

The new GLS hubs near Barcelona and Valencia contribute to more efficiency and speed in the regions.

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