Germany: new depot in Essen with European hub function

In June 2019, construction on a new location in Essen began. GLS is investing about 16 million euros in the depot, which will also serve as a European hub. It is scheduled to open in the autumn of 2020.

The first phase of construction will create a transshipment hall of approx. 8,500 m² in area, for a capacity of 60,000 parcels per day. There is also space for subsequent expansion, allowing up to 200,000 parcels to be handled.


The efficient distribution centre is well connected to the European long-distance transport network thanks to the nearby motorways. GLS will therefore also use the new location for handling international parcels, in particular for transportation between Germany and the Benelux countries.


Sustainable operation


GLS is placing particular focus on sustainability during the construction and operation, as well as on the preservation of local biodiversity. In addition to LED lamps and a rainwater utilisation system, the new GLS depot will also be equipped with charging infrastructure for electric delivery vehicles. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the hall is planned in the future.


The rainwater utilisation system not only reduces water consumption at the depot. It is also used for watering the large biotopes created by GLS on the grounds for species conservation. On an area of 4,000 m², three ponds and various land habitats for five species of newts and toads are being created. They are protected from the operating areas by means of passage barriers.


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