From GLS to GLS – across the Atlantic

Since autumn 2019, GLS has been handling many consignments from Europe to the west coast of the USA or to Canada entirely within its own system. Transatlantic consignments via the European hub in Neuenstein (Germany) are forwarded to the GLS Airport Office at Frankfurt Airport, where they are then passed on to the relevant airlines.


As soon as the airlines have confirmed departure, the customs details are transferred automatically to the customs authorities. This enables GLS US and Dicom Canada to clear the parcels during the flight. After touchdown in Los Angeles or Toronto, they can be taken over and delivered immediately.


The standard delivery time from Frankfurt to the economic regions of Canada is between three and six days. To the west coast of the USA, GLS usually delivers in three to four days. GLS US and Dicom Canada are also feeding parcels into the European network via Frankfurt.

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