Anniversaries in Spain, the Czech Republic and Portugal

2020 is a very special year for three GLS companies: GLS Spain, GLS Czech Republic and GLS Portugal have been successfully active in their markets for 15 years – each with a very different history. All three celebrators have one thing in common: a continuous expansion of their networks and a successful development.

GLS Spain was launched in 2005, when the predecessor company Extand Sistema S.L., which had been part of the GLS Group since 2000, received its current name. Over the years, the parcel and express service provider has grown dynamically in terms of network, capacity and personnel. The acquisitions of the express parcel companies ASM in 2016 and Redyser in 2017 contributed to strengthening its presence in the Spanish market in the long term. Today, GLS Spain has a network of 29 hubs and depots and is always close to its customers with more than 460 agencies.


GLS Czech Republic began operations as a start-up company on 1 April 2005. The Hungarian sister company provided support in the preparation, from establishing the initially eight depots and the hub to setting up the IT. The newcomer got off to a good start. With the strong GLS network behind it, the company was able to quickly assert itself on the market and to convince customers of its performance – with delivery rates of almost 100 percent. This is still the most important goal of the company today, which serves around 5,800 customers via a national network of 24 depots and a hub.


GLS Portugal originates from the joint venture of GLS with Kislog, the parent company of the former GLS network partner Personalis S.A. On 1 November 2005, operations started. In order to be competitive on the highly contested national market, GLS Portugal scores with flexibility. In addition to its high-quality parcel service, the company offers express shipping and a pallet service. With three own locations and 34 agencies, both the densely populated coastal regions and the hinterland are reliably covered. A great added value for many customers is the support of their internationalisation and export strategies through the connection to the GLS European network.

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