25 years GLS Austria

Anniversary in Austria: In 1993, General Parcel Austria delivered its first parcels. The company was formed by ten medium-sized shipping companies as part of the Europe-wide General Parcel network. GLS acquired the franchise system in 2000 and created GLS Austria, which is now one of the country’s largest parcel companies.


The expansion of the EU towards the east in 2004 brought with it a further boost. GLS Austria scored highly with its quick connections to the GLS companies in the east. The service within the country was also improved further: In 2005, GLS Austria became the first parcel company to open ParcelShops in Austria, thus making it easier for private customers to send parcels and receive their orders.


In 2008, GLS expanded its services to include ExpressParcel, offering a one-stop shop for parcel and express shipping. GLS Austria began offering customised delivery with the FlexDeliveryService in 2013.

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