European Film Awards – GLS delivers

In December 2019, GLS played a key role in the script for the European Film Awards as the Official Logistics Partner of the European Film Academy (EFA). The story with this cast has already become a classic. Since 2011, GLS has been transporting the EFA statuettes free of charge to support European film creators. 

As opening sequence, GLS picks up the silver trophies at their creator, a London jewellery designer. The story reaches its climax when the statuettes arrive in the city of action – this year: Berlin – and are presented to the award winners. Up to this point, most laureates are kept secret. 

After the award ceremony, GLS returns the statuettes to the jeweller’s workshop for engraving. The happy ending: GLS delivers the precious trophies safely to the winners across Europe.

The European Film Awards are among the most prestigious prizes to be gained in the film industry. On the evening of the EFA award ceremony, the winners handed over their statuettes to the employees at the GLS counter, who were on site.

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